Monday, 26 March 2018

Insane gun loving Americans react to the anti-guns march (video)

I still don't think anything at all of substance will happen this time, just as it didn't innumerable times before in various gun massacres over there, including the Sandy Hook one that killed 20 kids between 5 and 10 years old. From Australia it just looks again like the same old, and the gov will inevitably do absolutely nothing about it because of all the politicians bought off by the NRA. 

This is why I rarely react here to the latest gun massacre in the US. Is like "OK another one..." and that's about it. Americans appear to be incapable of caring for their kids and citizens more than their 2nd amendment and their guns. Until that fundamental lunacy changes over there, nothing will change over there. 

Honestly, if you were a terrorist all you'd need to do is open a US gun shop and watch them all blow each other away. You'd kill way more people than setting yourself to explode in a crowded area FFS. 

And yes from Australia we watch in disbelief as Trump "jumps the shark" and promotes US teachers to have guns in a classroom.

So in this case a politician has told the young-uns to stop protesting about guns and learn CPR instead (yes folks I kid you not). Rick Santorum in the first video below. The second one is from Fox news saying that kids shouldn't lecture him on gun laws so he donated to the NRA. Crazy insane shit coming from the US now.....

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