Friday, 16 March 2018

Marriage papers lodged & paid, date set for our gay wedding :)

We managed to get up early enough today and get into the Births Deaths and Marriages NSW gov thing, lodging our one month intent to marry forms and making a date for it. David and I will be getting married on May 5th (Sat) with a few close friends and family of 12 people at the Sydney city registry office venue. After that (yet to be arranged) we'll take those willing out of the twelve people to a restaurant for an after marriage thingo.

David and I didn't want a big deal of a marriage. We just wanted to do it with those closest to us. In that sense it will be perfect and perfectly intimate. This is exactly what we wanted.

David is even more over the moon than a cow jumping over it (I did grow up on a farm you know). Being gay he never thought that he'd see the day when he had a right to marry, let alone actually doing so because of love that compels one to do so. 

I feel the same for different reasons. After my late wife died in 2006 after many years of illness, and after I walked with her to her grave being there right to the end in the nursing home she ended up in for three short weeks, holding her hand as she passed away, I never thought that I would ever find love again like that. 

To find true love in one's life is very rare. It was beyond comprehension that it could happen not only once, but twice.

David is that second love I found in my one little life. We're the same soul, as my first time around. I'm marrying for the same reason; I love him deeply, just as I loved my wife.

It's been so very unfortunate that Australia has been at the mercy of the far right for far too long, and such recognition of gay love has been years overdue because of them. Many in Australia's LGBT community have died waiting because of them, not fulfilling their dearest wish. Only because the far right white bitter middle aged christian men decided they wouldn't let them. Appalling that Australia has been held ransom to these assholes since 2013. We will never forget what this gov has done to us, ever

But hey, David and I will take this victory of our struggle against them. The far right finally capitulated when their delusions of grandeur about a "silent majority" failed like a lead balloon. Their protestations at professional polling over more than ten years that the polling was wrong. The notions that all manner of skies were going to fall if the evil poof's love was officially recognised by the state. 

But it hasNo longer shall we cower. No longer will our love be challenged in Australia.

And I am fortunate enough through the chance of the universe to find love twice in one life. It's presently beyond my comprehension, as it was the first day David and I met. As it was the first day with my late wife. Now my love with David will be recognised just as my love for her.

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