Wednesday, 28 March 2018

When Natasha wants dinner.....

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..........and I'm still farting around online. 

She doesn't give up. She just places herself in the appropriate spot and stares the fuck out of you. David can't stand it and gives in very quickly. I am more determined though and don't let her get to me, waiting until it's a reasonable time for cat dinner.

They behave like a small pride; Natasha, Jac and Casper. They all communicate with each other in cat language. Natasha being 14 means that cat language involves giving the occasional clawless biff about the head to say just leave me the fuck alone as I'm old and grumpy. 

But seriously, I saw the other day in a video that cats can make heaps more sounds than dogs. They do actually have a cat language. Much of it I suspect is to do with non verbal communication. Cats meow at humans, not other cats. When cats meow at us they're communicating with us. Of course then there's the intense Natasha look.....

At the same time she's the wise old ringleader. Neither Casper or Zac would do this, but when she does it the other two hang around nearby waiting for the signal from a human that it's time to be fed. As soon as I say "OK come on 'tasha" and go to the kitchen where the cat bowls are, all three of them are instantly there. 

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