Thursday, 30 June 2016

Gays flee homes after signing condolence book Orlando - Ivory Coast, Africa

Their picture was put up on the US Embassy website. Unfortunately the Ivory Coast is extremely gay unfriendly and the picture outed them to people there that didn't know about their sexuality. They weren't told by the US embassy that the pictures would be published online.

Despicable hate from Africa. After signing a book of condolences for the victims of Pulse, the Ivory Coast community responds with more violence.
Gay men in Ivory Coast say they've been assaulted and forced to flee their homes after the U.S. Embassy published a photo of them signing a condolence book for victims of this month's killings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

The photo, published on the embassy's website, shows the faces of six men with the caption "LGBTI community signing the condolence book." It was taken at the embassy on June 16, the same day Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan and other officials signed the book in honor of the 49 people killed in the Orlando attack. 

The photo has been widely shared on social media and two of the men said that in the days after it was published an angry mob punched and kicked them while shouting anti-gay slurs. The men spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for their safety. 

Four of the six men, including the two attacked, said they have fled their homes under pressure from family and friends who had been unaware of their sexual orientation.