Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Lieberals plan to rip $2billion out of welfare after election - eleventy files

They have an eleventy graph
Oh good grief. Here we go again. Can't they at least try to think of something different than the same old script from their tired old playbook?
The Government predicts it will save just over $2 billion by intensifying its efforts to identify welfare fraud, and using technology more effectively to ensure people receiving Centrelink payments and pensions are not overpaid.

The Coalition said the savings would allow it to pay for its election promises, and lift its bottom line by just over $1 billion since the budget in May. ABC
Typical. Dunno where all this supposed money is going to come from. Do these fuckwits have the slightest notion of how hard it is to actually get any money at all out of Centrelink, let alone rip it off? If they're worried about rip offs then why did they can bazillions of Centrelink staff a while back?

In any case, you can't get blood out of a stone. Good luck with that Lieberals. More lies. This from the  files, apparently they must have been up all night dreaming up these costings written on half a page:

 BTW, ACOSS is entirely unimpressed. Good luck getting this through the new senate.....