Monday, 13 June 2016

Turnbull's Orlando reaction is bullshit

  Update: The Word That Turnbull Dare Not Speak

Update 2: We need to stop pretending that treating gay people as second class citizens doesn't have a body count

The LGBT are beyond frustrated with the Lieberals, and beyond disappointed in Turnbull's hypocrisy. This gov has done every thing it can to stand in our way. Every step of the way. Ministers going so far as to attend extremist christian conferences to speak at, both here and in the US. Turnbull does nothing but bend over for them.

Now he feigns sympathy for us? Now he uses us to politicise his national security position in an election campaign? Oh just fuck off Turdball!

Once again, the LGBT are politicised by the Lieberals and Canberra for political gain. Once again a basic right we don't have, a fundamental part of our very lives, is used in a shameless grope for power. Once again we come second to politics.  

"This was a murderous attack on gay people in this nightclub. It was clearly directed by a murderous hatred of gay people," Mr Turnbull told reporters. 

"This is a vile attack on freedom. But as I said earlier, it is an attack on all of us." Sydney Morning Herald