Wednesday, 15 June 2016

FBI to investigate Pulse gunman's closeted gay sexuality as cause of terrorism

I may be wrong about this but I really doubt it :)

Looks like it's official. Omar Mateen was definitely gay and definitely in the closet. A very deep and dark closet, conflicted by his religion. No wonder he was diagnosed with bipolar. It's all starting to make sense now, to me at least, not that there was any sense involved in what he did.

Omar Mateen was gay. Yet he adhered to a religion that prohibited it. This caused such a hatred of what was going on inside him that he projected that hatred on to all those around him that expressed his self hated sexuality.

Mateen was a gay Muslim, who because of his religious beliefs was never able to come to terms with his own sexuality. His own identity. He thought there was something wrong with him to feel this way as he believed so much in the religion that told him so. 

He felt he had to either deny his sexuality or deny his religion. He chose the first option, believing he was doing the right thing by god. From that choice on it all makes sense. 

All his gay encounters were from there on not considered part of his true life, but a weakness/lapse of his adherence to god. In his view he was falling to "evil", away from god, every-time he visited Pulse. His act of bastardry with a gun at the end was his ultimate act of defiance against his own sexuality; his own self. 

So conflicted he was by his religion. So cowardly, so weak, such a lack of humanity, to not simply be honest about who he actually was. Instead he chose the curse of the closet, and the consequences that it bought to him and others. 

In the end that closet became a weapon of terror.
The FBI has told members of the LGBT community it will pursue accounts that the Orlando nightclub shooter was partially motivated by internal conflict over his own sexuality, the Guardian has learned.

A conference call held late on Monday pulled together representatives from the FBI and departments of justice and homeland security with 358 civil-rights-minded leaders, particularly from the LGBT and American Muslim groups, a senior US official told the Guardian, to share information and hear concerns from communities reeling from one of the worst incidents of gun violence in recent US history.

FBI officials on the call “indicated they would follow up” on reports that shooter Omar Mateen had on a number of occasions visited the LGBT nightclub Pulse where he killed 49 and wounded 52 on Sunday. That focus is thus far unprecedented in nearly 15 years of post-9/11 counter-terrorism, which has yet to confront a known case of a suspected closeted LGBT individual ostensibly committing a mass murder in the name of a homophobic terrorist organization. The Guardian  


New information has complicated that initial assessment. Several attendees of the Pulse nightclub have said Mateen was a frequent, often belligerent, presence. “He was a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men,” one told the Associated Press. A police academy classmate said Mateen had asked him out, and the two attended LGBT clubs together, though he considered Mateen closeted. He was abusive to his former spouse, a woman, was married to another woman at the time of the slayings, and is said to have maintained a profile on an LGBT dating app. 

Additionally, Mateen’s tenuous terror ties raise questions about his adherence to a virulent religious-based ideology. 

He had falsely boasted in 2013, and again on the pre-shooting 911 call, of connections to the Boston Marathon bombers. On the 911 call, according to the FBI director, James Comey, Mateen expressed sympathy with terrorist groups of opposing ideologies and goals, from the Shia Hezbollah to the Salafist Isis and al-Qaida, all of which are at war with one another. He is said to have enrolled in online courses taught by a homophobic imam. The Guardian