Friday, 10 June 2016

Guns "protect the people themselves against people like you" - US gunner to Hillary

"Second amendment" bla..... Think maybe the second amendment needs amending? It keeps getting used by the gun lobby in the US to justify the right to blow each other away over there. But of course they would see that as akin to re-writing holy scripture right?

So this bloke used to be captain of the Gun Owners of America. His name is Larry Pratt, which is such a fitting name I think. He apparently sees anyone who suggests controlling guns as to be some kind of Satan, and feels he must use his big sexy metaphor for his sexual inadequacies and threaten gun violence on all said Satan's who oppose his world gunner view.

Hillary is no exception:
What she’s telling me is that she may understand the meaning of the Second Amendment, which is even scarier, because the Second Amendment is meant to tell people like her that might be thinking about going off in a tyrannical direction: ‘Don’t even think about it.’ Because the Second Amendment has recognized the right people have to possess the kind of firearms that your protectors have, Mrs. Clinton, and if you even think, if you even try to go off in a tyrannical direction, the Constitution protects the people’s right to protect the people themselves against people like you. Right Wing Watch