Sunday, 21 August 2016

Bed bound all day

What a very bad day it's been for me today.

I slept late so I took my 13 pills later than usual. Then due to the time I felt very hungry and had a bit to eat. Unfortunately it must have been too heavy for my stomach and took some time to digest, causing quite a bit of stomach pain.

Which then went through to my back causing intense back pain over much of it. I went back to bed hoping it would settle down but it didn't, the back pain got worse. Then the anxiety happened because of the intensity of the pain, followed by a mild panic attack which saw me hopelessly dizzy upon getting up. Had no choice but to just lie there and hope for the best.

David was next door socialising with our neighbour friend and I had to ring him to come and massage my back, which he did with some muscle cream. He's very good at it being a rehab nurse. He bought a glass of water too as I was too dizzy standing up to get to the fridge.

By the time I'd got to a point where it was OK to leave the bed it was dark again. Sheesh, what a bloody day that was :s 

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