Sunday, 28 August 2016

A paper census form was pushed under our door *faints*

Another day another internet failure. I had this post ready to go at 1pm this afternoon, however Turnbull's internet chucked another hissy fit and just before posting it the dreaded red warning thing came up saying error saving. It saves every minute or two I think. When it can't it means it can't connect. Same thing happened yesterday and it was non-connectable for hours.

So anyway we were awoken this Sunday morning at an ungodly hour by a knock at the door. By the time I got something on and to the door the guy had gone, but hearing me open the door he came back. I thought he was someone from the god squad being Sunday, told him I wasn't interested and shut the door before he could speak.

Later I was taking out the rubbish and noticed an envelope had been put under the door. Upon closer inspection I found it to be a census form. Good grief I nearly fainted! Nearly three whole weeks after the census date, we had finally got something from them. Finally recognition of our existence.

As for the online debacle, we never got any letter for our census login online so we never had to go through the drama that many went through that night. 

And no, we won't be putting our names on them.

I will report if Australia Post sends the thing back from the bar code being stuffed.

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