Saturday, 27 August 2016

"Christian Warrior" terrorist arrested wanting to kill gays - US

US christian terrorist Bryce Cuellar, god casualty

More love from the christians.....

So this christian, full of the love of the invisible sky man apparently, views himself as a self described "christian warrior" (pictured above). How very Crusades darlings.

One night when he was pissed as a fart and angry as a turd, he decided to post some maniac christian warrior video threatening those evil of us who dare to be ourselves; ie gay and whatever. He posted said video of all places on YouTube (yes folks he was about 5 tinnies short of a six pack) who pulled it down. 

His excuse was he was drunk and angry (I see a pattern here) not to mention he bashed his wife one hour after posting the thing. Perhaps someone should have taken away his six pack?

So now this christian crusades warrior has been arrested by the anti-terrorist authorities over there. There you go; a christian terrorist.....  

BTW how does a nutter like this get access to guns FFS? Oh yeah, America.....
Las Vegas police say they were notified on July 2 by Interpol via Google about a suspicious/threatening YouTube video. 

Although Google had removed the video, they were able to provide a link for a detective to watch the video. 

In the video, a man named Bryce Cuellar reportedly showed off two rifles and was wearing a military flak vest and night vision goggles. 

Cuellar reportedly said in the video that he is tired of the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights and says that he cannot wait to use his rifle in the manner in which the founding fathers intended. 

He also said that he wanted to kill "gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists" and claimed to be a Christian warrior. Cuellar also said that he is tired of America and would begin killing soon. 

Police also checked his Facebook page and found posts about the Orlando shooting and posts that outlines his anti-government, sovereign citizen and militia ideologies. Police say that Cuellar has become increasingly more radical and aggressive in his videos over the past 3 years. 13 Action News

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