Monday, 8 August 2016

New One Nation senator being held by police - failure to appear in court

"I'm with Stupid". New One Nation senator Rodney Culleton presently residing in a NSW jail.
*Update: The conviction annulled for larceny and Culleton will fight the charge now that he's actually bothered to turn up to court to face it all

What a bloody clusterfuck this new senate cross-benchers are turning out to be. We've got the nuts who want to end racial vilification laws, the crackpot who reckons climate change is a UN conspiracy and doesn't exist anyway, and now we've got another One Nation senator being held by the police before he's even stepped foot in parliament.

Yes folks, I think clusterfuck is the operative word here. 

Rodney Culleton, who I guess will be described as a "colourful" bloke to paint over his general sounding thuggish-ness? He hasn't bothered to appear in a New South Wales court when he was supposed to, otherwise known to us mere mortals as a "Failure to Appear" charge against him, thereby a warrant being issued for his arrest. 

He also has to appear in Western Australia over a car theft charge before parliament sits.

Oh what a pillar of society. What a great leader. What a fuck up. If he's sentenced to jail over any of this he's not even eligible for parliament anymore.
New One Nation senator Rodney Culleton is in police custody after turning himself in over an outstanding warrant related to his failure to appear in a NSW court to answer larceny charges. 

A NSW Police spokesman confirmed a man was being dealt with by police in Armidale and would be bailed to appear before the local court on Monday afternoon. 

The West Australian senator was convicted in his absence earlier this year for stealing a tow truck key from a driver who was trying to repossess one of his company cars in 2014. 

He's seeking to have that conviction annulled. 

Larceny carries a maximum penalty of five years jail, which could deem him ineligible to be a senator. 

The constitution says anyone convicted of crime that has a punishment of at least one year's jail can't be a member of parliament. 

Senator Culleton is also awaiting trial in WA later this month - the week before parliament begins - after he was arrested and charged for allegedly stealing a car being used by receivers from RSM Bird Cameron as they began foreclosure proceedings at a friend's farm. SBS