Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Referred to "inner City Legal Centre" by social worker - pub bouncer discrimination

As you may notice by the title, I am no longer using any names for legal reasons. However if you want to look back at my recent posts going back about a month you will be able to find the full story (I know nothing BTW there - just somebody happened to look at my previous posts that I never do; out of my system darlings never go back - forgot to delete bla). We've been instructed by Alex Greenwich's representative that if we plaster this all over the gay media, then the legal centre pretty much can't do anything.

OK, so we went to see the social worker at ACON today, who was incredibly understanding and sympathetic. There were a number of options available  but it appeared that the next step after this was to make an appointment at the Inner City Legal Centre, which is totally for the LGBT and pretty much that appears to be all they do.  By far the strongest recommendation by the social worker was to see them as the next step and get their advice.

So we got home and looked up their site. I do emails but they didn't list it there. You have to ring them and explain yourselves, and then they give you the email if you are seeking help for an issue related to LGBT I guess.I talked for a bit explaining and David had a turn. Obviously we now have an appt with them next week. Wow, not every day you can get an appt with those people I guess.

But the most appreciative statement about it all was a confirmation by the ACON social worker, who confirmed that we had definitely been discriminated against. I really needed to hear that officially. It was a confirmation that just because we're gay doesn't mean we have to cop such homophobic bouncer thug abuse.

We thank all those LGBT who've gone before us, even since well before 1978. It's because of those one's before us who sacrificed so much that today David and I have support for a bouncer on Oxford St calling me a "Fag". 

Thank you so much for all you have done for us now. Discrimination still hurts, especially when it's so local....


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