Monday, 29 August 2016

"They're trying to kill us!" - christian persecution video of the day :)

I have a crazy christian video for the day! It's a classic of persecution. You know how some of those christians are; they just loooooove to feel persecuted. If that's anything to do with sado-masicism I have no idea, but it does make you wonder. All that self flagellation and guilt over perceived wrong doing and all...... 

This one is from bullshit rip off artist Jim Bakker. Remember him and Tamy getting busted for fraud? Well now he's been released from prison and pushing another fraud; Tribulation slop buckets of food that look like sick when you prepare it. The Tribulation is something that christians have been waiting for for centuries darlings. Nothing like total persecution to get the christian faith pumping!

In the same mode of fantasy, Bakker has claimed now that people are out to kill christians for some reason. I just wish the rapture would happen and they'd all fuck off to the invisible sky man, but you know how these fantasies go.... all show and no go unfortunately.