Saturday, 13 August 2016

AFL add against homophobia in sport - I cried.....

Good on you AFL! Thanks so much as it means so very much :)

Well now that the Abbott/Turmbull internet has seen fit to give access to my blog again with all their silly copper, I would really like to post this about the AFL LGBT game tonight I've been following on Twitter (My Twit feed to the upper right darlings).

I'm feeling very very emotional about this game. I think it was because I grew up in Taranaki in New Zealand. Apparently no gays existed there, and as a primary school student I was forced to play rugby union in interschool matches, usually held in some farmer's field nearby the school involved. 

It was a terrible and frightening experience for me. I've never ever been good at sport, can't throw a ball for shit let alone kick the bloody thing. Nobody ever taught me the rules of rugby union. I guess as a kid growing up in New Zealand then rugby union rules were supposed to be imparted on me without my even knowing?

In any case I went to these inter-school primary school get together's for rugby union matches that I utterly had no idea how to play the game and was such a slight kid as couldn't hold the foot ball for more than five seconds before I was flattened by some kid barely bigger than me who knew the game off by heart. Invariably I just walked to the outfield and kept as far away from the game as possible. Not very heterosexual darlings at all.

To add insult to injury male fathers of the butch heterosexual kids would roam around the place, and there were some occasions where one of these fathers in passing me causally, would look at my knees and see they had no dirt on them. They would then accuse me of not playing hard enough, I guess not being a manly boy. Therefore to avoid embarrassment after such accusations, I rubbed dirt on my knees to make myself look appropriately manly for said opinionated parents. This was the early 1970's in New Zealand. 

Yet here we have now Jason Ball, a gay footy player. Far out!  A gay bloke who can actually kick a ball!