Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Horror - Tha Nauru Files (video) - warning very upsetting video

Shame Australia, SHAME!

OMG. We lefties have been protesting about this for years. The Abbott/Turnbull gov has seen fit to make reporting from Australia's offshore detention gulags, illegal even from health professionals concerned about the welfare of those held there. Yes, this gov has made it illegal for doctors to tell their stories in Australian media. 

I know that usually the Hitler thing means you've lost an argument, but this is different. To suppress the press from reporting the atrocities going on there is right out of Hitlers Germany.

The most vulnerable people, so desperate as to flee their country for their lives, now find themselves at the hands of the most vile and despicable gov Australia has ever seen. 

In the past Australian gov's did terrible things (lost generations of Aboriginals, white Australia police, bla) but they actually thought they were doing it all for the good of the people involved, however stupid that sounds now.

Today's gov is different. There is not moral need to punish people in Australian gulags simply for seeking asylum at sea. The only reason is purely political, asserting the Lieberals have "stopped the boats". The insinuation being that all asylum seekers coming here by boat are bad people; jumping the que, terrorists, bla. 

Labor is just as much to blame. Kevin Rudd, in trying to beat Abbott at the 2013 election, was the one who invented the policy that nobody coming here by boat would ever be settled in Australia. It was a political move that tried to out do Abbott's tough policy on "stop the boats". Both parties a race to the bottom of any morality hanging on. 

If you don't want to be upset then you'll find this video very hard to watch. I did. 

Shame Australia, SHAME.......


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