Monday, 8 August 2016

Climate crackpottery - One Nation's Malcolm Roberts denies climate change

"I'm with Stupid". One Nation's Pauline Hanson with climate crackpot Malcolm Roberts
Update: Why Malcolm Roberts' demand for 'empirical evidence' on climate change is misleading. The Guardian

Far out. I thought that David Leyonhjelm was a nut for wanting to get rid of race hate laws. Well this Malcolm Roberts new senator of One Nation is positively cooko. A nut job. Fringe dweller.

Elected with just 77 primary votes (thanks Turnbull for another success in your stupid DD election :s ) he asserts that climate change doesn't exist at all. That all the scientists in the world have gotten it wrong. That the CSIRO has got it wrong because it's corrupt he says. That climate change is a UN conspiracy. Fuckin hell, this moron needs to be medicated!

Does that also mean that the oil companies own research in the late '70's or so, that reported a danger of global warming through the burning of fossil fuels, was also wrong? 

I guess in some way it's quite good seeing him carrying on like a conspiracy lunatic, in the sense that it takes the climate change denialist argument to it's ultimate extreme and thereby showing just how absurd and nutty denialists are. He just looks completely stupid. A total crackpot. 

What's more he makes Pauline Hanson look like even more of an idiot, if that's even possible.


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