Thursday, 25 August 2016

Catholic church apology to LGBT - Sydney

Justin Koonin, ACON President, Chris Pycroft, co-convenor NSW GLRL, Natalie Cooper, PFLAG Secretary, and Father Peter Maher.
St Joseph's, Newtown
With such despicable groups as the Australian Christian Lobby completely at war with us, it's heart warming to see such an event as has been held in the Newtown St Joseph's Catholic church. In a groundbreaking gathering, the church has become one of the first Catholic churches in the world to apologise to the LGBT for what they've done to us.

My first reaction is that it's a good start, and to be somewhat reserved about it. Perhaps if actions followed it up, with leaders such as George Pell faced justice for their alleged crimes then I'd be more enthusiastic. However the apology does sound like they really meant it. Doesn't mince words. This can only be a good thing.

Personally I don't know why anyone would want to be so deluded as to believe in an invisible sky man and talking snake, but that's just me.
NEWTOWN’S Catholic Church has become one of the world’s first churches to apologise to LGBTI people for the hurt caused by the action and inaction of Catholic and Christian people and churches. 

In June, Pope Francis called for an apology to gay and lesbian people and St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Newtown become one of the first to respond holding a Liturgy of Apology organised by the Rainbow Catholic Interagency for Ministry on Friday. 

“It was difficult to choose which personal stories to share during the liturgy; each individual’s story is so powerful, unique and precious,” Francis Voon, a Catholic organiser said. 

“As organisers we wanted to make sure the event was ethical, respectful and safe for all. There are so many heartbreaking stories of our LGBTIQ siblings. 

“Some have been badly hurt by us as a church community. Others we have failed completely, to the point of suicide, because of prejudice, ignorance and fear, and worse still, in God’s name. 

“Tonight, with Pope Francis’ encouragement, in the name of God, we apologise for religious LGBTIQ-phobia, and we pledge to work towards healing and reconciliation in this Year of Mercy.” Star Observer  

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