Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chairman of gov "environment policy committee" questions climate change :s

If you didn't know better you'd seriously think that this news article was satire. It's not. The more I read the more my chin fell to the floor. Shaking my head in complete disbelief. What stupidity. What stubborn ignorance. These people don't deserve to lead. Indeed they're followers not leaders; puppets of their corporate masters.

Lieberal Craig Kelly has been appointed as the head of the gov's "environment policy committee", and exercise in Orwellian doublespeak that even tests the perverted logic an hard core Lieberals I suspect. Far from having anything remotely intelligent to do with the environment, the committee appears to be nothing more than a bugle for far right climate denialism. Spectacularly so.
The Liberal chairman of the Coalition’s environment policy committee, Craig Kelly, has questioned solar and wind power subsidies and would like a cost-benefit analysis of future emission reductions policy, due to be reviewed next year. 

Kelly was named chairman of the environment and energy committee at the party room meeting on Monday, making him responsible for coordinating backbench feedback to the government on climate and energy policy. 

He said he was proud to be a climate sceptic rather than “wallow in groupthink, to be a sheep, or a lemming”. The Guardian
Far fuckin out.....Ship of fuckin fools. How many $billions does the gov give out in fossil fuel subsidies?


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