Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cops want to arrest followers of gays in social media - Tanzania

Yet even more love from the religious folks, this time from Tanzania.

The head of the police over there wants to arrest people found on social media to be gay. An in something that suggests hysteria, he wants the cops to also arrest all their social media followers saying they're just as "guilty" as the gays themselves.

I note that he spoke this at a religious rally.

He also wants to "protect the culture" (sound familiar?) of Tanzania and has, unbelievably, said he wants to ban charities that are gay.

He's also banned lube. Terribly dangerous stuff that you know.....
Not only has he started enforcing a ban on lube in a misguided attempt to halt gay sex in the nation, now he wants to use social media to track down LGBT people and anyone who follows them as well. 

“If there’s a homosexual who has a Facebook account, or with an Instagram account, all those who ‘follow’ him… are just as guilty as the the homosexual,” he told a crowd at a religious rally according to NewNowNext. 

Gay sex is illegal in Tanzania and punishable with jail sentences of up to 30 years. Prosecutions are rare and police mainly use the charge as a way to extort bribes from gay men. Since Makonda’s speech last month, activists report more than 20 men have been arrested. 

“Makonda has made people believe that it is now okay to hate LGBT people, especially gay men,” James Wandera Ouma, director of LGBT Voice Tanzania, told the site. “He has planted a hate that was not there before.” LGBTQ Nation  

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