Friday, 26 August 2016

Beer production grinds to a halt (OMG!) - shortages predicted (shit!)

Boycott these beers to support sacked workers
The situation at Carlton and United's biggest brewery down in Melbourne is escalating as the entire factory went on strike in support of the sacked maintenance workers there. For three hours they stopped the production lines completely whilst attending a stop work meeting.

Although the company is putting on a brave face and saying beer production is fine as it's winter (I have no idea why cold weather would make one drink less beer BTW) but that remains to be seen. Production is already well down due to the inexperienced temp staff they replaced the sacked staff with not knowing the intricacies of the job. Breakdowns are also well up and workers on the factory floor are now worried about safety.
Hundreds of workers at Carlton and United's biggest brewery walked off on Thursday, and have raised the threat of further strikes against the beer giant. 

Production lines came to a halt for three hours as the Abbotsford brewery's production and distribution workers attended a stop-work meeting in condemnation of the company's "trashing of Australian jobs", union officials said. 

The meeting also voiced concerns that the "inexperienced" temporary labour-hire staff, brought in to replace the brewery's recently sacked maintenance crew, are jeopardising site safety. Workers are warning of "escalating action" that could threaten beer supplies to bars and bottle shops if the former staff are not reinstated. 

It comes as the brewery's sacked maintenance crew continues picketing outside the gates of the plant. The dispute has gone on for 10 weeks since 55 workers lost their jobs and refused to reapply for the positions on inferior pay and conditions with a new contractor. Sydney Morning Herald  
Unions also have a campaign for people to boycott beer produced on the site on the weekend of the footy grand final

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