Thursday, 25 August 2016

Minister Michalea Cash can't understand an EBA - Trainwreck interview in full (video)

I've not followed the intricacies of the current hoopla over the volunteer fire fighters in Victoria, but this interview shows blatantly that whatever her motives are, that she has no understanding of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement in play. A person of such grasping at straws intellect does not belong in the employment minister portfolio. Indeed Adam Bandt of the Greens in calling for her to go.

Even though I don't understand all about this situation, it's clear that she's pushing her own agenda despite the plain and clear facts presented to her. I've been involved with a few EBA's over the years of working as an employee, and I can tell you now that those employees involved in this EBA will not appreciate at all the federal employment minister trying to step in and change the rules under their feet. 


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