Saturday, 6 August 2016

Uganda police whip, beat, and arrest the LGBT in historic Pride event

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Yet another story of LGBT horror from Africa. This time it's Uganda, where an historic crowd funded Pride Uganda event was being held. The police came in whipping and beating the LGBT, arresting them and photographing them, so as the media once they get a hold of it will publish the pictures and cause the LGBT to suffer the consequences of the ant-gay hysteria over there.

The Pride march scheduled has now had to be cancelled out of fears for their safety.

Honestly, WTF? 

This from the All Out email:
Last month, thousands of All Out members helped fund Pride Uganda, which kicked off this week. A few days ago, I traveled to Kampala to join our partners in this historic event. But now, I have some very bad news. 

At 11pm last night, a beauty pageant – part of this week’s events – was raided by police. They cordoned the surrounding streets and sent in armed officers who whipped and beat people. 

Over 20 Ugandan LGBT activists, including some of our partners, were arrested and held for hours. One young man was so frightened, he jumped from the fourth floor of the building. He’s currently in critical condition in hospital. 

And now, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity is recruiting forces of violence to stop the Pride Parade planned for tomorrow. Activists have been forced to cancel the march, for their own safety. 

Now, more than ever, we need to show our brave friends and partners in Uganda that we have their backs. 

These events are massively traumatic for the LGBT community here. 

During the raid last night, the police forced people to have their photographs taken against their will. Some photos are already on TV, putting people at huge risk of being thrown out by their families, being beaten, or worse. 

In each conversation I have today, people express their distress and fear. In the face of so much hate, they need to see our global show of support more than ever. 

Let’s make sure Ugandan LGBT activists know the world is on their side. Share a message of solidarity on Facebook or on Twitter today. 

In solidarity, 

Matt Beard, Executive Director 
In Kampala, Uganda

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