Monday, 15 August 2016

New Nauru gulag leak - woman claims rape and cuts herself

*Update: The Nauru files database.

This is what happens when a group of helpless people are demonised by a gov for their own political purposes.

Hidden away if not for a new leak from Nauru to SBS, another story of horror, psychological torture and self harm. This women claims to have been raped  by a Wilson Security guard and is now so traumatised as to be cutting herself as in the photo. Dutton will not evacuate her to Australia for specialist medical care, despite her risk of suicide deemed as high.

Shame Australia shame. Just look at what political gropes for power within both Australia's domestic major parties have done to these people....
Psychiatrist Professor Louise Newman, who was on the Federal Government's Immigration Health Advisory Group before it was disbanded in 2013, conducted interviews with Jazmin at the request of her Sydney-based lawyer, George Newhouse. Professor Newman believes Jazmin's mental state was consistent with the results of traumatic rape. 

Jazmin has told Mr Newhouse she has been raped. 

"I speak with women almost every night who are being subjected to sexual assault on Nauru," Professor Newman told SBS. 

Jazmin says she was sexually assaulted numerous times - in one instance "touched inappropriately" by a Wilson Security employee. 

"I [tried to make a] complaint for [an] investigation by police and I talk to an officer, but they say [no]." SBS

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