Saturday, 13 August 2016

I've been told to pay $30 "imaging fee" by "bulk billing" optometrist - life on a pension

*Update: Cancelled the appt as it was impossible to pay $30.
Well it's happened. Me, a pensioner on the DSP getting all of a bit under $17,000 a year (approx $10,000 of that going in rent) has been informed that a "bulk billing" optometrist that my doctor referred me to has a $30 imaging fee that I'm supposed to pay.

No doubt this is due to the Lieberal's attack on Medicare: the Medicare freeze or cuts or whatever. WTF an imaging fee is for my eyes I've not the faintest bloody idea, but he did tell me that all the tests are free except for that fee. I guess I'll inform my doctor when I see him next so anyone else he refers there he can inform them of this fee.

I could've gone to the Sydney eye hospital for nothing, but when I asked my doctor if he bulk billed he said yes he did. So I said I'll see that bloke then. Wasn't until I got there and made an appt I was then told of this fee. In half a mind to ring the guy back, cancel the appt telling him I haven't the money to pay. That's a bit rude though and really it's not his fault but the Lieberals cutting back on imaging like Scrooge. He's just trying to keep his business viable.

The eye hospital in any case is a last resort I suppose. When I went with David last year with his eye injury we waited absolutely all day. So long in fact that the stuff they gave him to make it so they could look into his eye properly wore off and he had to get another dose before seeing the specialist there. Fucks sake. 

So anyway paying that $30 means I have to take it from somewhere else. To get it together for Monday was some from the grocery money and some from the gas bill money I put aside for. Thanks Abbott/Turnbull you fuckwits.

To add to the dilemma I'm still waiting on my tax return received by the tax office over a month ago now. Have rung them three times and gotten a different story each time. In the end exasperated I rung the tax agent who did it. He's waiting for his money too as it's being taken out of the return. 

He rang them and the nearest we can gather is it's something to to with me being bankrupt and some idiot in the tax office questioning why I'm getting $2,000 or so back. It's the rest of the $10,000 I got out under financial hardship provisions last Oct, with super being exempt from bankruptcy payments to creditors. One simple phone call to the Financial Security Authority would clarify that to these morons. Yet the agent says it'll be a few weeks yet before I get it. Weeks darlings! 

Anyway I'm having trouble with my left eye, is sort of opaque/cloudy looking through it. Probably a cataract. Plus both eyes seem to be constantly running when I go out. Even sitting at home a bit. Dunno what that is, maybe just the seasons. I do know HIV can give you a hyperactive immune system. Was never allergic to anything before I got it.

Meanwhile the Abbott/Turnbull gov wants to give $50 billion to the banks and financial sector in tax cuts. Taking some of that money from me on, as I said, a pittance a year. Glad for my super however long it takes otherwise we'd really be fucked.

BTW I'm 54. 

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