Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Complaint accepted by anti-discrimination board against Oxford Hotel

We received a letter from the anti-discrimination board of NSW telling us they have accepted our complaint of discrimination against the Oxford Hotel. Or as they put it very officially; "accept for investigation your complaint of homosexual discrimination in the area of goods and services against the respondent Oxford Hotel".

Well well well..... 

I was half expecting to read that we were over-reacting or something, and that the complaint had been rejected. This whole process we've been quite shocked by what happened, and you do wonder if somehow it might have been your fault. But  as I've said the whole thing seemed to snowball.

Starting with almost a query to Alex Greenwich, followed by a visit to the social worker at ACON, then to the Inner City Legal Centre, and now to the anti-discrimination board. To hear from the board that our complaint is legitimate enough to investigate is vindication in itself, whatever happens from here.

We don't wish to take this too far BTW. We just want to shame the pub publicly and let the new management know that you just can't treat the LGBT like this.

The events of the complaint I posted about here.  

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