Saturday, 20 August 2016

Aust. Family Assoc says being transgender is like having anorexia - FFS! (video)

"Australian Family Association"
Steve says christians are persecuted & bullied by LGBT
More love from the christians..... This one is an absolute doozy.

The "Australian Family Association" (note the coded christian language there darlings - according to them only heterosexuals are families) has sent an email around in it's war against the LGBT Safe Schools program.  In it they describe someone transitioning to a different sex is like letting them kill themselves from anorexia. I kid you not.

I expect the AFA will also want to enter the fray during a gay plebiscite. Coming out with such outrageous, bigoted and ill informed lies as this.
In an email sent Thursday night, national president Paul Monagle criticised 60 Minutes and Australian Story for recently running stories on transgender children, and told supporters it is important to comment on such issues to family, friends, politicians, and the media.

Monagle suggested supporters draw inspiration from an op-ed about how being transgender is like having anorexia nervosa, written by social worker Moira Fleming for right-wing US website The Federalist.

“Fleming says that both anorexia or transgendering (sic) are driven by a mismatch between the person’s brain and their body, ‘a wrenching awareness of what it feels like to be disconnected from your body, to hate with every fiber of your being the way you look in the mirror…’,” the email says.

The excerpts go on to argue that providing medical treatment to transgender people is akin to encouraging a person with anorexia to starve themselves.

Australia’s leading paediatrician on transgender issues, Michelle Telfer, told BuzzFeed News that anorexia is a mental illness and being transgender is not.

“The distress that one experiences over gender dysphoria is considered something that needs treatment,” she said. “Hence the inclusion of gender dysphoria in the DSM-5.”

“If society accepted transgender people for who they are, there wouldn’t be distress.” 

Leading experts in transgender health, including the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health (ANZPATH), have strongly warned against gender variance being treated as a pathology or disease.  Buzzfeed
Included on the AFA's website is a video of Steve the christian talking about his experience with the LGBT Safe Schools program. Like how terrible it is that his daughter is exposed to such evil type things. The video is below from YouTube.

I kept waiting for Steve to refer to something in Safe Schools that one might find even the slightest bit offensive. I kept waiting and waiting, but everything he said I was like "So what? What's wrong with that?"

Instead of that though I did become highly offended at Steve himself when he went on and on about his daughter being persecuted for being christian and how terrible it is these LGBT people are bullying his quiet shy little girl. who just wants to exist without bullying.... So he's not fine with his daughter being bullied but fine with the LGBT being so. How very christian of him; you know treat people like you'd like to be treated and all?  


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