Saturday, 6 August 2016

Newstart is falling to it's lowest level below the poverty line ever

Well we tried it and it was impossible. I ended up bankrupt after paying rent for some time on the credit card. Lucky I had it actually or we'd likely have lost this place. That was back when I was getting terrible panic attacks about it all. Had always worked full time for a decent living wage, got rises each year through EBA's. I never thought that something like that could happen to me.

And David. He suffered an atrocious discrimination at his (health) job and ended up a mental wreck after it. So it was basically for a time me paying the rent out of my partnered DSP and us both then trying to live off his $470 a fortnight (that was with full rent assistance). It was impossible, as I said, so the social worker suggested he go on the carer payment for me. That with the carer allowance was nearly double the dole. It's survivable though which is the key, even though it's only about $17,000 or so a year. 

How in the fuck can anyone in their right mind think that people are living a luxuriously lazy life on the dole? And they want to cut that pittance? We're talking about the absolute poorest people in Australia here. 

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