Saturday, 6 August 2016

LGBT survey of priorities - The Greens

The Greens are running a short survey to find out our priorities now that parliament is due to go back. This will aid them in their response and actions in the new parliament. This survey closes on Monday.

This from the email:
Thanks for your support during such a very long election. We are finally getting ready to go back to a Parliament that is dominated by ultra-conservative voices – and already we are seeing a lot of debate on issues in the LGBTIQ+ portfolio including marriage equality.

As people who have supported our LGBTIQ+ campaigns in the past, we want to know what you think our priorities should be in this portfolio before we sit for the first time on 30 August. Will you share your views on the LGBTIQ+ issues that most matter to you?

Before the election, this email would have come from me and Robert Simms, as our marriage equality and sexuality spokesperson. I’m sad to be returning to the parliament without him. Robert has a sharp mind and a generous heart – and he worked tirelessly for our community. I hope to welcome him as a colleague in the parliament again one day!

Robert championed the Greens’ position on marriage equality, which (as with every issue affecting LGBTIQ+ communities) has been anchored by a commitment to equality and human rights – every MP, every vote, every time.

But unfortunately, the ultra-right dinosaurs of the Coalition are still dominating the political agenda. They want a damaging plebiscite on marriage equality. They want to gut Safe Schools. They want to expand religious exemptions, and they want to make it even harder for people to access gender-affirming treatments.

With so many issues, especially the plebiscite, in the spotlight, we want to hear from you about your priorities for Greens in Parliament. This survey will close on Monday. Will you fill it in now? Share your views now about what you think our priorities on LGBTIQ+ issues should be. 

Thanks for having your say, 

Janet Rice 

Spokesperson for Gender Identity &Intersex Issues Survey here

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