Saturday, 20 August 2016

Unwell bankrupt pensioner investigated by tax office - WTF?

Um, the bankrupt unwell pensioner is me BTW. I'm on the DSP for a number of health and mental health issues regarded by Centrelink as permanent.

I rang the tax office yet again a couple of days ago as I'm still waiting for my tax return that they received on the 11th of July. I've rung them 4 times before that, and the tax agent I went through has also rung them twice as he's waiting on his money too. So far I'd been told four different things by four different people in four phone calls. This was my fifth call to them.

They were supposed to send me a text or email if they were going to take longer than the 10th of August, which came and went without a peep from them at all. 

It's the most basic and simple return you could imagine. I got about sixteen and a half thousand from the partnered DSP which is exempt from tax or any bankruptcy happenings. I also got $10,000 out of my super under financial hardship provisions in the legislation. Super is also exempt from any bankruptcy happenings. It is taxable though which they took out before I got it at $2,200 tax on the ten. My total taxable income then being $10,000 and so I'll get all the $2,200 back.

So the lady at the tax office on my fifth phone call there goes through it all slowly. For such a simple return I couldn't believe how much she had to read about it. She even put me on hold for a bit whilst doing it FFS. When she came back she informed me I'd been "escalated" as they were "looking more closely" at my return. Which meant it had a new "due date" due to said escalation, of the 24th of this month. If I hadn't gotten it by then to ring them back.

I don't know exactly what they mean by "escalation" but it does sound sort of exciting. Like expansive upwards or something. I even laughed and said "OMG I've been escalated!" in a humorous way, but alas tax agent people seem devoid of humour :s

Anyway they can escalate me all they like (Oh baby!) but they won't find anything. Squeaky clean, tax done by the same agent for years, all very simple even when I was working. There's no opportunity for a simple wage earner or DSP recipient to reduce tax or rip off the gov anyway. You have to be rich to do that. 

Makes me wonder why the fuck they're wasting their and my time bothering investigating me, when there's so many more worthwhile people out there where they may find discrepancies. 

It's also like "What's wrong with this picture?" sort of thing. I'm poor with fuck all and under investigation, whilst corporations get away with paying nothing a lot of them.

*waits for 24th*  

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