Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Labor abandons plebiscite :)

Well that was quick. The very next email I read after the Greens calling on Labor to abandon the plebiscite, was one from Labor abandoning the plebiscite :) Hooray!

Instead Labor will introduce a private members bill. This from the email: 

You and I both know that the quickest and most effective way to make marriage equality a reality is to have a vote in the Parliament. 

Why should vulnerable members of the LGBTI community be subjected to hateful language? 

Why should we empower anti-equality campaigners to spread their hateful and divisive views? 

Why should we waste at least $160 million of taxpayer dollars on a plebiscite that won’t even be binding on Coalition MPs? 

It’s just ludicrous that Malcolm Turnbull won’t stand up to the far-right of his Parliament and make marriage equality a reality by having a free vote in the Parliament. 

That’s why Tanya Plibersek and I will introduce a private member's bill to make marriage equality a reality. 

We don’t need an expensive and divisive plebiscite – and we need to make that message loud and clear. 

We’re so close to achieving marriage equality and we can make it a reality if Turnbull allows his colleagues a free vote in Parliament. 

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