Saturday, 27 August 2016

Michael Kirby destroys Chinese community's aghastness at Safe Schools :)

It's always so very true that the way to address bigotry and fear is knowledge. In this case knowledge from Micheal Kirby who addresses the recent Chinese Australian opposition to the LGBT Safe Schools program. Knowledge about us LGBT. 

We're not evil people. We're not wrong simply for being authentic about who we are. We're not inferior to straight people. We don't have an agenda to take over society with gayness. We simply want to exist equally and without the viscous and wrong innuendo, the demonisation that is wrongly inflicted on us by the religious. mostly because of their own struggle with their own sexuality.

Like it or not, the LGBT exist in our schools. Like it or not there is no denying the horrendous amounts of LGBT suicides that take place amongst the young LGBT. They are indeed too young to have developed a rough hide so to speak. Scared and frail emotionally in a world that can say they don't belong in, and often does.

Story of my life folks. Still is. In the end I just accepted the fact that I'm incredibly sensitive and emotional. Growing up in Taranaki, New Zealand, these were attributes that were definitely no appreciated. I found myself on the outer often from the local community, weird and strange for not being the tough male, especially when I became a teenager.

I can't embed it here but you can watch it through the link:

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