Monday, 15 August 2016

Pauline Hanson nutjobs protest christian persecution by persecuting christians - video

Facebook page
Pauline Hanson supporters have gatecrashed a service at the Gosford Anglican church, the church well known for it's road side sign in support of humanity and lefties. It's just been posted on YouTube today, but as you can see from their Facebook page they're virulent Hanson supporters.

Now I'm not religious at all, however I find their logic divisive and offensive. They barge into a place of religion, upset people there, Claiming christian persecution they persecute christians. It makes no sense and is entirely counter productive to rational national discussion.

And what makes them think that by pissing people off then said pissed off people are then going to listen to their point?
An Anglican minister has described an incident where an anti-Islam group disrupted his Sunday service as a "racist stunt" which traumatised many in his congregation. 

Members of the group, Party for Freedom, were dressed in mock Islamic garb when they barged into the Gosford Anglican Church on the New South Wales Central Coast on Sunday. 

They pretended to pray while playing Muslim prayers on a loudspeaker and criticised Islam before walking out. 

Father Rod Bower, who was running the service, said the group were Pauline Hanson supporters. 

Father Bower told the ABC he was shocked when the group entered his church halfway through his sermon. 

"It was … just out of the blue, some of the congregation were quite upset," he said. 

"I recognised one of the participants and clearly they weren't Muslims — it was mock attire. 

"I took a minute or so but I worked out who they were. I quietened the congregation down; they were a bit distressed." ABC  

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