Monday, 22 August 2016

Michael Kirby against marriage equality plebiscite as gov delays vote

I honestly don't get why anyone would think in 2016 Australia that the human rights of a minority in it's community should be decided by a vote. To have one's right to be married debated in the national media and have voters go to a polling both for it is something that straights would never countenance for themselves. 

I just can never get past that sick feeling every time I see my rights debated by people who I've never met and never will meet ever. The feeling of insult is profound. What other section of the Australian community has had their basic human rights decided like this?

There's well and truly enough parliamentarians in Canberra in support of marriage equality to easily pass the legislation. Turnbull has said he will allow a conscience vote for the Lieberals as some have decided they'd vote against marriage equality no matter what the plebiscite vote was. So why the hell inflict half a billion $ on taxpayers, and the LGBT to a concerted hate campaign from the Australian Christian Lobby? Of which Lyle Shelton recently compared the gay community to Nazi's.

Oh yes, the white middle aged bitter christian men in the Lieberal party need to be placated..... They need to have their pound of LGBT flesh just one last time. A final insult. 

In any case, the plebiscite is delayed until next Feb for some mysterious reason known only to the inner machinations of the Australian Electoral Commission. Yes folks, another insult. The right for David and I to be married is now fated with efficiencies in the AEC with the timing of the vote now depending on said efficiencies.
"This is going to be, if it goes ahead ... running out the old issues of hatreds and animosities, abominations and all the old arguments against gay people. 

"We didn't do this for the Aboriginal people when we moved to give equality in law to them, we didn't do it when we dismantled the White Australia policy ... we didn't do it in advances on womens' equality, we didn't do it most recently on disability equality. 

"Why are now picking out the LGBT, the gay community? It's simply an instance of hate and dislike, hostility to a small minority in our population. It's unAustralian." Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Kirby