Friday, 12 August 2016

Daily Beast straight journo uses Grindr to out gays from deeply anti-gay countries - Olympics 2016

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Journalist Nico Hines
*Update 2: IOC calls Olympic Grindr sex article 'unacceptable,' says Daily Beast sent Nico Hines home. Outsports

*Update: Revoke Daily Beast IOC press pass -  petition to the IOC

The Daily Beast has published a full groveling apology, but for a news source that says it supports the LGBT then I can't get my head around WTF they were thinking. The jounalist wrote it yes, but there's more than just one person involved I'd guess in getting a news story onto the site, particularly one so blatantly wrong.

So this journalist Nico Hines (pictured) decided to have a bit of a laugh and write a fluff piece for the site. What he did was go onto Grindr (he's completely straight) and hook up with gays on it. He then went on to publish such detailed descriptions of them in the article as to effectively out them to the world. The fact that some of them were from extremely anti-gay countries didn't appear to bat an eyelid for him.
A straight journalist from The Daily Beast has landed in hot water after using Grindr to write a piece on gay hook-up sex among Olympians in which he provided telling details about the athletes he chatted with, effectively outing them. Some of those athletes come from countries that are notoriously anti-gay. 

The journalist in question, Nico Hines (right), perused Bumble, Grindr, Jack’d and Tinder while in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics. While Hines says he did not set out to write specifically about gay athletes, his piece focused almost entirely on them. Hines provided enough details about certain athletes he interacted with to be able to identify them.


"For the record, I didn’t lie to anyone or pretend to be someone I wasn’t—unless you count being on Grindr in the first place—since I’m straight, with a wife and child. I used my own picture (just of my face…) and confessed to being a journalist as soon as anyone asked who I was. 

"There were dozens of eligible bachelors listed on Grindr within a few hundred yards of where I was standing at the entrance to the athletes’ village. One posed in his full team kit. Others referred to their elite sporting status more furtively, but they included one of the world’s top equestrians and a track and field athlete a few days away from competing". Towleroad
Personally I think he should be sacked. Just because he didn't tell them he was a journalist doesn't mean he wasn't lying; surely to mislead like that is a lie in itself.



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