Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Greens call on Labor to abandon plebiscite - petition

The Greens, after deciding to vote against the marriage equality plebiscite, are calling on Labor to join them in abandoning it. They have got a petition going saying thus:
We call on Bill Shorten to join us in rejecting Malcolm Turnbull’s plebiscite. The best way to achieve marriage equality is a cross-party approach, moving forward together to enact this long overdue reform. 

Equality is not negotiable. Marriage equality is inevitable - and Australia is ready for it. 

There’s no need for an unnecessary, expensive and divisive vote. John Howard didn't need a plebiscite to change the Marriage Act to deny marriage equality and we don't need one now to change it back. We could amend the Marriage Act this week if our PM just let parliament do its job and we had a free vote in the Parliament. 

Add your name now to block the plebiscite and bring on the spring weddings! Sign here  

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