Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Obama rips Trump to bits - video :)

Whatever those in the US are going through to vote Trump doesn't change the fact the entire world is watching this US election completely terrified. Terrified that the most powerful militarised country in the world by far may end up being controlled by a psychotic madman barely able to put a coherent paragraph together. 

This is beyond politics now, this is about avoiding destruction as the world has never known before. It's about avoiding insanity. LiterallyTrump is nearly 6 tinnies short of a six pack. He's just not the full quid. His knuckles still drag along the ground FFS, despite his little hands.

Imagine if our Tony Abbott was the president of the US? Well I think  Trump would be even worse. Way worse. And given how destructive Abbott has been to Australia in just two years  of his nightmare leadership,  that's really saying something.

Watch as Obama says pretty much the same thing:



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