Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Anti-LGBT flyers handed out at AFL footy game - Melbourne

More love from the christians.....

For the second time at a footy game, in protest against the gay pride game held recently by the AFL viscous anti-gay flyers were handed out at a round of said AFL. This was the game at the MCG, between Richmond and St Kilda. 

Expressed was the accusation that those kids who have LGBT parents are part of a new "stolen generation". The image on the flyer is the header on their website. An extremely unsophisticated site I might add.

Honestly, I keep wondering why these christians think that they're going to bring people over to their way of thinking by being completely offensive and utterly pissing people off. 

And what would a child of LGBT parents think and feel in viewing such disgusting and vile bullshit about their family? Is this the sort of thing that's going to be directed at us on a national scale for a plebiscite?
The leaflets, which were being distributed ahead of the Richmond vs. St Kilda match on Saturday afternoon, feature a picture of a little girl accompanied by the words “children deserve a mother and a father.” They also accused the AFL of “bias” after the code held its first ever Pride Game, between St Kilda and Sydney, earlier this month. 

“What about a round for the children deprived of their mum or their dad?” the flyer asks, before referring people to www.another-stolen-generation.com. Similar flyers were placed on car windshields outside a VFL game back in April. Junkee


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