Saturday, 27 August 2016

So very pissed off with Turnbull's internet today - blog off 4 hours FFS!

I'm still trying to calm myself from the Australian internet rage I've been experiencing all afternoon today. Smack in the middle of eastern Sydney there is no NBN yet, not that I have faith it'd be much better than what I've got now, being ADSL2+ through the 100 year old local Sydney copper network. 

Today after doing the dishes and letting David have his go for a bit (his PC died yesterday looking like a fatal death, however he does have an extended warranty on it) I proceeded to the PC and almost immediately the internet screamed at me about the gay hating pastor in Florida who'd said the Orlando victims deserved it, getting arrested for aggravated child sexual assault. Oh how I wanted to post about that!

However near the end of it, after a small rave (see last post) suddenly in the early afternoon the blog went nonconnectable. Not just a hiccup for a minute or so, but it went on for hours. Just as I get on my blog for the day it dies.

Turnbull lately reckons he's fixed it, which I can only say is some kind of Orwellian doublespeak. He has so far, as communications minister and now PM, presided over one of (if not the biggest) Australian infrastructure catastrophes in our modern history. 

In fact historians will look back at the Lieberal politicking about the internet in decades to come and the dog's breakfast they made it, as they continue spending billions to fix the disaster that it has become. 

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