Monday, 6 November 2017

Overseas Christian report on anti-gay No voters in Australia (video)

CBN is an international Christian news outlet that reports on things relevant to international Christians. The organisation is part of Pat Robertson's Christian broadcasting Network. In this case they focus on No voters in Australia's marriage equality survey being very sympathetic to them, claiming "persecution" for example of Christians who object to marriage equality and giving most of the report over to what the No side's views are.

Mentioned in the video is the political Australia Party For Freedom, which has a track record of far right extremism. They oppose multiculturalism, don't like anyone different immigrating here, reject Muslims as being "incompatible", and are paranoid about people coming here who they don't like. Their Mission Statement:
“The Party for Freedom is committed to traditional Australian family values, the protection of Australia’s independence including property rights, true democracy and the rule of law. The Party for Freedom acknowledges and respects people who hold these values, who identify with the Australian way of life, and who identify as Australian.

The Party for Freedom rejects multiculturalism, advocates an immigration policy based on cultural compatibility, rejects Islam as fundamentally incompatible with these values, and is committed to regaining control of Australia’s borders. We promote and support Australian manufacturing industries, reject unnecessary taxes, and value true free speech in all areas of political and public debate. We acknowledge the Australian Constitution and reject any treaty, document or organisational instrument which undermines it or its authority.” Party for Freedom
The Party is also into "straight pride" but evidently are unable to find a mailbox to promote this. Not the sharpest tools in the shed folks.
 On Saturday night, Party for Freedom activists travelled to the privileged harbourside ghetto of Point Piper to deliver a very important Vote ‘NO’ flyer to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. We couldn’t find a letterbox so we slipped the Vote ‘NO’ flyer under his front gate and put up ‘Straight Pride’ and other posters opposing same sex marriage on telegraph poles outside his residence. Party For Freedom
The posters mentioned are the ones on the pic on the right. These are infamous from early on the the campaign and certainly not an example of "respectful" debate.

Also mentioned is the Catch The Fire church which is also discredited. In January of this year the church lost it's charity status as it was deemed a political body. Or in other words another group of far right political extremists. They also don't like multiculturalism or Muslims.
Controversial Melbourne evangelical church Catch the Fire, which solicits donations for the Rise Up Australia Party, has had its charitable status revoked by authorities.

The ministries, based in the south-eastern suburbs, have been run by Sri Lankan-born pastor Daniel Nalliah since the late 1990s. Mr Nalliah launched the Rise up Australia party in 2013 on an anti-Islam, anti-multiculturalism platform and fielded candidates at last year's federal election.

Pastor Daniel Nalliah from Catch The Fire
He openly preaches his political message from the pulpit and collects donations for the party at church services. As a registered charity, Catch the Fire had access to Commonwealth tax concessions including GST waivers, income tax exemptions and fringe benefit tax rebates.

But the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) has now revoked its charitable status. Charities are not allowed to promote or fund political candidates. ABC