Thursday, 2 November 2017

Gay "The Voice" winner releases single "Love is love" for marriage equality (video)

I don't generally watch The Voice here in Australia unless David downloads it. However he hasn't been watching much of it this year and so I've never heard of this guy. David recognises him from earlier in the show though.

Alfie Arcuri is the winner of The Voice Australia and is openly gay. He's released a song "Love is love" for marriage equality. He writes at Joe My God:
My name is Alfie Arcuri and I’m the first openly gay winner of The Voice Australia. I am big fan of your blog and it would be awesome if you had the time to share my video Love is Love. I am a strong advocate for the gay and lesbian community and I perform and dedicate my time wherever and however I can. With the marriage equality debate currently underway in Australia, I wanted to write an uplifting anthem, as the campaign so far has been quite emotionally taxing on the community. I believe love has no boundaries – it transcends gender, age, sexuality, class, ethnicity and race and everyone should have the right to love whoever they want. Joe My God