Saturday, 24 June 2017

Got the one off Xenophon energy bribe for pensioners today

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*Update: Oh, the $62.50 is gone already before the end of the day. We were embarking on another 4 dayer without a cent before Wednesday, so it didn't go far.

This is the one off energy payment to pensioners that Xenophon was bribed with by the gov. In exchange for what you may ask? Just that little thing of $50billion tax cuts to businesses that don't need it. 

As we're a couple it's $125 for both of us. They've paid me half and David will get the other. 

So that's it folks. This is supposed to make those tax cuts to the well off just fine and dandy.

Meanwhile I hear electricity prices in NSW are going to increase from July 1st by about 17% or something ridiculous, because there's no stable energy policy coming from Canberra. Well apart from worshiping coal in parliament.

So I look at that payment and think what a rip off. Xenophon may as well just join the Lieberal party and be done with it. 

They get $billions they don't need. We sick and old and poor, the most in need, get a few token crumbs from their table. This must be trickle down....?

What has become of this country? We have just about the lowest pension rates in the OECD, then get chucked crumbs whilst the well off make laws to give themselves riches. Whilst they try and dismantle our Medicare public health system. We might as well be Africa: