Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"China is Buying Australian Politics" - US perspective (video)

If you watch this video in the hysteria that is currently Trump's US, then you'll be panicked and appalled. He talks in a way that's it's the West vs China, or more particularity the US vs China (under Trump that is). You have to take what he says with a grain of salt if you're looking at it from our Australian perspective. We're in the middle, both politically and geographically. 

Yes we need to change our foreign political donations to political parties here. The Chinese have obviously taken advantage of it recently. But honestly the way this US guy talks here it's like the Chinese are the reds under the beds. Get a grip!

Particularly now that Trump is the loony tunes US president. Would Australia like to deal with a nutter country bend on turning itself into some kind of theocracy lead by Trump in perpetual war, or with a country where the leaders are all atheists and don't care less about some mythical sky man? Who would any reasonable person trust more in such a circumstance?

The fact remains Australia does huge business with China, our biggest trading partner. That can only be beneficial as long as it's fair trade. China is not Australia's enemy. They have their system, we have ours. Both have lead to the abuse of human rights, like Australia's offshore detention centres for example. Who are we to point the finger and say we're so much better?

Trade, peace, and understanding of each other is always better than confrontation. Friends can co-operate and work to a more humanitarian goal together. Enemies cannot.