Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dying patient doesn't qualify for DSP, earnings too much, has hissy fit

Why does this sound so familiar? Oh yeah, Centrelink had old info on the families earnings. The heading is pretty over the top in light of that she was denied because of her husband's earnings, which is of course entirely fair. What I don't get though is how her family's financial circumstances changed. Did they change enough for her to qualify? Well it doesn't look like it does it.

There's a point to be made here. The silly lady asserts that a lot of people are on the DSP who don't need it. Oh really? Well darling would you like to come up with some stats on that? She's been so bloody brainwashed by Murdoch that she thinks many of us are bludgers and she isn't. Yet under the new stringent DSP rules, she didn't qualify. Well welcome darling to the new world, where you have to be completely destitute, and have proof of it, before you can get a single cent from the gov that you've spent many years paying tax to. Apparently you have to be just about homeless. And even then it's doubtful. 

How does Gina go then getting her billions from the gov? Richest woman in the world gets billions from Abbott. Does she have to jump through the same hoops as us poor people to get these bazillions? Like we have to to get a pittance?

Laughed about the told to use superannuation bit. Sort of like when I was told to use my redundancy payout to live off instead of the full DSP. 

These middle class assholes who rail on us poor pensioners on our ass for bludging off the gov, believing the Murdoch lies that getting on the DSP is a piece of piss, thinking they're just gonna waltz into Centrelink and get bazillions because Murdoch reckons it's just being given away, suddenly find themselves denied payments that they thought they'd be eligible to as they thought it was all so easy.

Hey girl, welcome to the world you voters made for us. How's that working out for you darling? 
Department of Human Services general manager Hank Jongen said “as DSP is a means-tested payment, income and assets limits apply”. 

“In addition to meeting the medical, age and residency criteria, a couple’s combined income must be less than $2825.20 per fortnight in order to be eligible for the payment,” Mr Jongen said. 

Ms Clark believed she met the criteria for the DSP because her family’s financial circumstances had changed since the last financial year. 

“I was angry, I just cried, I wanted to leave my superannuation for Enjay,” she said. more
Oh poor dear. My heart bleeds. What, you can't get this payment that Murdoch told you they were just giving away to anyone? Oh poor darling, wake up!

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