Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Calmness over anxiety

Phew. Think am finally starting to get a grip on this terrible anxiety I've been experiencing the last week or two. Have been feeling psychically ill in the stomach for at least a week now, not eating or sleeping well. David had something interesting to say about it; that I get ahead of myself. I think we all do that now and then. I guess lately I've been expecting more help from the system rather than red tape brick wall after brick wall.

So I followed the psychologists advice and followed up with ringing ACON about getting put on the Housing list. Made an appt to see them with David next Wednesday. The purpose being to calm my head down about becoming homeless with options available through the Dept of Housing. It does seem to have calmed me down a bit just making the appt.

I suggested to David also to ring Centrelink and let them know what's going on in case they dream up some terrible bit of red tape over the whole affair when we finally get there. So we had the soft tones of Centrelink muzak playing for about half an hour on Centrelink hold. He gets through OK though and that's all still fine with everything still in order at Centrelink with it. That makes me feel a lot better too.

David went to the dreaded Kingsford Post Office yesterday as well. Paid the money on the electricity bill and explained to them what had been going on with this birth cert. The lady was the nice one there, fuckwit wasn't. She was really helpful and looked out the back but it's not there yet. Births Deaths and Marriages had told David it was entering their mailing system on Sunday, and sometimes it can take a few days. Well at least we're watching now and it'll have to turn up at that post office at some point, even if they forget where I live again :s

David also mentioned to her about what happened on Friday and that I'd made a big complaint about it through the online web form. I laughed when he told me. She was standing right next to fuckwit when he was being so repulsive. Well I'd like to be a fly on the wall when she tells him that :) That made me feel a lot better too.

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