Monday, 28 July 2014

Today's psychologist meeting

The meeting today with the psychologist was very animated. 

Whilst I related the bullshit that we'd been going through, he kept shaking his head in disbelief. As I had my big bag of paperwork, I even pulled out the complete history of the $60,000, the printout of 10 or so pages, detailing every transaction to the present day with the current balance of $1. I demonstrated how easy it was to follow and understand and how it showed beyond doubt that I did not have $60,000 after paying debts and living off the redundancy for a year. I explained that this wasn't enough proof for BGF, and pointed to the single line on the Centrelink Income Statement that they questioned and had to be fixed. He could not believe they made me go to Centrelink to get such a minor adjustment made to the form.

I then raved on about the comparison with BGF and Centrelink and used the 10 page printout as a prop. I lifted all 10 pages and said that wasn't enough for BGF. I then lifted the first page off the top and said that was plenty for Centrelink, and they didn't even keep the copy or photocopy it.

His take was that I appear to be in problem solving mode (thank fuck I'm a bloke eh) and concentrating on moving forward and resolving issues. Which is good. What is bad is that in doing so I'm being dealt a hand of stress beyond my capacity to deal with. I appear to be though the most capable one between David and I to deal with this due to my vast experience with gov dept's and dealing with them. David is at the moment so stressed out with the Battle With Bureaucracy that he doesn't seem to be very capable with it. 

In summary, we're both falling to bits in the head, but I seem to be falling to bits a bit less than David. I think that means that David must be really in trouble :s

He also thought applying at Housing was an excellent idea. If for no other reason than to reduce stress for both of us about being homeless. I won't do homelessness. Not after working so hard for 30 years. I won't end up begging on the streets. Will kill myself before that. 

As fate would have it, I'd already thought of this , printed out the forms, and filled them out. We're just a bit paused on them as both of us have to get reports from our doctors for them. Not hard just takes time. 

I reported to BGF when I was there that I'd just been to the psychologist and he recommended I apply for Housing again. She said to go back to ACON about it, referred by her, as they are informed about getting on the priority Housing list and know how to do it for you. I guess I'll ring them I suppose and arrange an appt again.  

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