Monday, 29 October 2018

RWNJ Andrew Bolt calls the next election - "It's all over" for gov

The latest Newspoll came out this morning and it was terrible news for the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison (ATM) gov. The poll was 54/46 to Labor. 

However the Murdoch media has been concentrating on the preferred prime minister meaningless figure citing that Morrison was ahead in being preferred PM. Apart from going into negative territory for the first time in his brief reign (meaning more people don't like him than do) he's also now only 8 points ahead of opposition Labor's Bill Shorton as preferred PM. 

I dunno how many opposition leaders in the last 50 years went into a federal election as being Preferred PM. Gov's in my memory since 1985 (when I came here from NZ) rarely have an Opposition leader as "preferred PM" in polling, leading up to a federal election in which they take office.

In view of that, I say again that Mad Morrison is only 8 points ahead as preferred PM. With no honeymoon on becoming PM because everyone considers him an arrogant, conceited, smirking, Pentecostal prick (which he really really is BTW), even incumbency isn't going to save this gov's pathetic ass.

This Newspoll is an unfettered disaster. I've never posted anything on this blog from Andrew bolt: far right extremist nutter, who's so far to the right that he can't actually understand anything left at all. One of the most influential right wing media personalities in Australia.

Now Bolt has declared to the far right world of Australia (ie the Liberal Party Base) that it's all over for the gov after this poll. Bolt and Richardson, called "big guns" in the article, both agree that this gov is finished.
One half of the Big Guns Andrew Bolt tells Deborah Knight “it’s all over” for the Morrison government. 

“What they need to do now is go out with dignity, not doing anything now so they look back with shame once they’re in opposition. 

 “I just think they’re in a bit of trouble, real trouble, now. 

“The story now for the rest of the term is of decline, decline of the Morrison government.” 

And Graham Richardson agrees. “He’s right. 

 “I don’t think there’s any mistaking what’s happening. 

 “That poll is not simply bad, it is a complete disaster.” 2GB

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