Sunday, 7 October 2018

Mad Morrison video leaked of him praying in Pentecostal church

Here prime minister Mad Morrison is praying for Indonesia after the tsunami they had there. Fair enough I guess if that's your religious persuasion. 

However what does this mean for the religious freedom review? Which BTW still hasn't been released to the public after months now. It's hard to believe that Morrison would be impartial, but instead he'd be pushing his religion onto the community. And of course the whole religious freedom review is aimed squarely at the LGBT community, designed to placate the far RWNJ's in the gov.

It also raises further questions. How can someone professing such a deep religious belief behave so cruelly to others? There's the refugees his gov has locked up offshore for years of course. But what about what been done to the poor and sick in Australia? Targeting us whilst leaving corporate tax dodgers alone. Forcing disabled people off the Disability Support Pension onto Newstart. Robodebt. Now as prime minister he's done nothing to address those issues.

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