Tuesday, 16 October 2018

1 in 5 Australian's suffered food insecurity last year - Foodbank (video)

That's over 4 million Australians.

Welcome to life in Australia with a gov beholden to the far right. Where welfare recipients are demonised and support services defunded or underfunded. Where mortgages are so high from the property bubble that we have the working poor. Where the gov is happy to see wages cut or stagnant. 

And where those running the show in Canberra have their snouts fully in the trough. Where our Pentecostal happy clappy delusional prime minister gets $500,000 a year and clams to be just like us. This gov hasn't the faintest idea what it's like.

David and I are at least lucky that we can both cook and have an Aldi down the road. We spend between $150-180 a fortnight on groceries. Got to know what to buy and where. A 5 kilo bag of brushed potatoes from the greengrocer up the road for $5 is way cheaper than even Aldi. Surprisingly you can get some really cheap stuff at Coles too.

Perhaps I should start sharing a few simple meals we make for $10 or less for the two of us.... Just basic meals that would feed even up to 4 people for less than $10, but taste lovely.


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