Saturday, 20 October 2018

The pathetic Australian gov attempt to block torrent sites

This all came about under the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison (ATM) gov. The bright sparks, no doubt at the urging of their glorious leader Rupert Murdoch, decided that they would try to block overseas torrent downloading sites. I guess Rupert was all pissed off that Australians are the highest per capita pirates in the world and regularly download his Foxtel shows for nothing.

So anyway the gov to block such sites had to go to the federal court and get it decreed that the list of sites they wanted blocked were in fact blocked. They do this by making it law that the ISP has to block the site that the court has told them to. Yes it all sounds like snail mail going up against email or something.

Being as my main browser is Opera that comes with a free VPN  I go to various torrent downloading sites and never come across any blocked torrent site ever. In fact I leave the VPN enabled all the time so the gov will see absolutely nothing of my Metadata. Fuck them.

Out of curiosity though I thought I might try it on the recently download Firefox browser I have now trying it out. It doesn't have a VPN, and so I tried to see what it was like to get blocked by the great wall of Australia. 

Surprisingly I found it quite difficult to do so. Tried a few saved sites I had on Opera (Limetorrents, x1337x, and even the Torrentz2 site where you can search the entire web for torrents) and Firefox went straight to them. They were entirely unblocked. I thought surely eztv would come up with some blocked thing, and I was right. Which is where I got the header above for this post :)

Thing is, I don't hardly ever use eztv anyway. The torrents that go up on there are generally a bit later than other sites that have TV series. 

So I'd have to call the gov's pathetic efforts at internet censorship a complete and utter failure. The idea itself about as fossilised as Murdoch himself. About as brain dead as this gov. What a complete waste of time and effort. Fucking around ISP's for absolutely nothing. *sheesh* 


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